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The most affordable way to get Bitcoins for free

Hello, dear internet user! Today I want to talk with you not about online tricks that I mentioned in my previous reviews, but about a freebie.
There is still a freebie on the Internet, and it can and should be obtained. Therefore, we will talk with you about how you can get Bitcoins for free.

What is Bitcoin Faucet and Free Satoshi

A small digression into educational program for those who do not know what Bitcoin is. This cryptocurrency is the first and, you can say, the main cryptocurrency, for which you can buy services and goods or exchange for other currencies on the Internet. That is, to do all the actions that you perform with ordinary fiat money lying in your wallet.

Immediately, of course, nobody will give you the whole Bitcoin, but Satoshi, the exchange unit of Bitcoin, can be obtained for free. What needs to be done to get them, you ask? Everything is quite simple and commonplace – to collect bonuses on the so-called faucets.

Cryptocurrency BTC faucet

What are Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency faucets? Faucets are sites that give out bonuses in the form of cents of bitcoin for their visit. What is the use of it, you ask? Everything is very simple! If you pay attention, you will notice a lot of ad units on such sites, for showing which the owner of the Bitcoin-faucet site receives a reward, of which he shares with his visitors. As a result, everyone is happy! Catch an idea? Yes Yes! Such a site can be created by anyone. You just need to find a suitable script or service that provides a ready-made bitcoin faucet script that you can configure (customize) online using the designer to fit your needs.

Scripts for Bitcoin Faucets

Often, the balance of the owner of a bitcoin faucet is replenished on the script development service itself. Users receiving a bonus in the form of Satoshi for visiting the site of the owner of the crane must have a bitcoin wallet in this service. Received free Satoshi can be withdrawn upon reaching the required minimum amount for withdrawal. The script developer is likely to profit from the turnover of participants funds. Those involved in cryptocurrency trading know that you can make good money by fluctuating their exchange rates. The minimum withdrawal is usually 30,000 Satoshi.

Faucet script with solve media

The amount of free Satosh handed out primarily depends on the generosity of the faucet owner, and only then on the rates of advertisers. The ideal case is when at least every fifth ad display is converted, then for visiting this bitcoin tap from one unique IP you can get from 1000 to 10000 Satosh, or even more, within 10-15-30 minutes or hours .

To get free Satoshi, you need to confirm that you are not a robot by solving a captcha. Some captcha also provide an opportunity to earn. One of these is Solve Media.

A short list of ever popular services where you can download a bitcoin faucet script

  • Faucet in a box ultimate;
  • FSfaucet;
  • Alpha faucet;
  • Coinbox;
  • Bitcoin-Faucet-Dice;
  • Mini faucet script.

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